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"Vitae Residence"  is purpose-built to house and care for the elderly in Belgrade. |   | +381 011/400-71-46

Daytime stay

Service of this type is aimed at beneficiaries which need everyday care and monitoring when their family members are unable to take care of them during the day. 

This service provides daytime stay of the beneficiary during the day where they can benefit from our institution’s organized social program. Socializing, as well as contact with other beneficiaries from our Home is enabled, as well as participating in various social activities.

The beneficiaries of these services also benefit from complete nutrition, healthcare, work therapy, entertainment and recreational activities.

The service includes:

  • Three meals and two snacks 

  • Constant monitoring by physician as well as on-call medical staff 

  • Social worker services 

  • Physical therapist activities, where required

  • On a daily level the duration of this service is from 7 am to 7 pm