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"Vitae Residence"  is purpose-built to house and care for the elderly in Belgrade. |   | +381 011/400-71-46

Single rooms

Home for the elderly "Vitae Residence" has 18 rooms and 3 apartments. The total capacity of the home is 46 users. All rooms are LUX equipped and very comfortable.

Single rooms are intended for users who, after socializing and activities, like to retire to a space that belongs only to them.

The rooms have a separate dining area that users can use as needed. In addition, each room has medical electric beds with decubitus mattresses very suitable for semi-mobile or immobile persons.

All rooms are equipped with the most modern equipment for fire protection, as well as with SOS buttons for calling medical personnel.

In addition to single rooms, Vitae Residence nursing home also has double rooms and an apartment.