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"Vitae Residence"  is purpose-built to house and care for the elderly in Belgrade. |   | +381 011/400-71-46


“Vitae Residence” home is located in a peaceful part of Voždovac, in Strumička street with Sports Centre Šumice with its huge city park in the vicinity, giving an exceptional freshness to the air in hours of morning and evening hours, thus providing our beneficiaries with the sense of being in the mountains.   
The location of the Home is ideal since it is set in the vicinity of key Belgrade streets Ustanička, Južni Bulevar and Gospodara Vučića street. It is especially well connected with motorway E-75 through various access points. The location of the Home provides excellent connection to the city’s transportation lines no. 31, 17, 25, 26 and 22. sa oznakama br. 31, 17, 25, 26 i 22.