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Daily procedure

  • Acceptance between shifts verbally and in writing through the book of acceptance : recording all particularities for each beneficiary

  • Recording all changes regarding beneficiaries

  • Recording TA, blood sugar level, administering insulin

  • Insulin must be kept inside the refrigerator with recording patient data

  • Recording the changing and dressing times, and each change in medication

  • The beneficiary needs to take his medicine in the presence of a nurse of caregiver

  • Keeping records on excretions - stool, urine

  • Keeping records of change of urinary catheter

  • Regularly monitor the consumption of personal drug medication - inform the family in timely manner

  • Regularly monitor the consumption of diapers and other personal hygiene products - inform the family in a timely manner

  • Consult the physician in case of any obscurities regarding medication - record time of call and issued order

  • Beneficiaries are bathed twice a week - daily where required

  • Beneficiaries are shaved every other day - the hair is cut where required

  • Change of sheets every fifth day - daily where required

  • Handing out drugs is recorded through the medication  list

  • Medical waste is disposed of in line with regulations

  • All change in behaviour, all unforseen situations, need to be recorded and a social worker also needs to be informed - so that he/she could inform the family

  • Bedridden beneficiaries need to be rotated every two hours, and more frequently where required

  • Care needs to be provided when going to the toilet  for the purpose of preventing the formation of decubitus ulcers

  • Bed rails need to be lifted overnight

  • Care needs to be taken regarding the nutrition of beneficiaries who have difficulty swallowing

  • Care needs to be taken regarding the nutrition of diabetics

  • Special care needs to be taken when food is brought in by visitors - perishable food

  • Each drug , as well as diapers, brought in must be recorded in the book - drug acceptance, by name , quantity, date of bringing in, signature of the person who brought it in