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Luxury nursing home "Vitae Residence" in Belgrade. |   | 069/8061007

More about us

“Vitae Residence“ old age home  was built especially for the purpose of accommodation and care of Belgrade’s senior citizens.. Its architectural solution puts it in the LUX category of old age homes. The old age home is located in the Belgrade wider city center, in no. 39-41 Strumička street. Even though this is considered to be an urban part of Voždovac, it represents a peaceful zone where our beneficiaries can rest from the capital city’s fast pace. We place a special emphasis on the quality of medical services led and monitored by a team of physicians and medical personnel, which include assessing the state on admission as well its constant monitoring throughout the beneficiary’s entire stay at the Home. 
Along with the quality of medical service, through our work we place great effort on developing a sense of empathy towards our beneficiaries, devoting special care and establishing and interactive connection. We have set exceptionally high criteria in this field and we strive to create a sense of belonging in each one of our beneficiaries.  
Our professional staff, including a social worker, general practitioners, physical therapists, nurses, caregivers, nutritionist, hairdresser and other staff, takes care of the beneficiaries, with their only goal being the health, comfort and satisfaction of our clients. 
Rooms and apartments are equipped according to the latest trends, each having their own bathroom, cable TV and Wi-Fi. 
Vitae Residence is equipped with special professional medical, electric beds with anti-decubitus mattresses which are highly convenient for partially or fully bedridden persons.
Each bed also has an SOS button for calling the nurses and caregivers.  
Bathrooms are adapted to persons who are mobile as well as persons with mobility impairments. 
The Home also boasts a beautifully arranged garden for rest and relaxation, giving special warmth to the entire atmosphere within our Home.  

“Vitae Residence“ old age home is equipped with a modern kitchen, functioning in line with the HACCAP standard, employee changing room, ambulance, social worker facility. 
The old age home also has a hall for work and physical therapy, as well as a built-in noiseless elevator.