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Luxury nursing home "Vitae Residence" in Belgrade. |   | 069/8061007


Exclusive location on Voždovac.


Professional and dedicated staff


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Nursing home Vitae Residence, care facility for the elderly in Belgrade.

Nursing home Vitae Residence is purpose-built to house and care for the elderly in Belgrade. Architectural solutions are classified into the LUX category of nursing homes.

Nursing home is located in the wider city center of Belgrade at Strumicka Street no. 39. Although is the urban part of the capital, this part of Vozdovac is a quiet area where our users do not feel the rapid pace of the capital.

We place particular emphasis on the quality of medical services managed and controlled by a team of physicians and medical staff, which cover the conditions of admission as well as monitoring during the entire stay of the users in the home.

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Vitae Residence rooms

The Vitae Residence nursing home has 18 rooms and 3 suites. The total capacity of the home is 46 users. All rooms are LUX equipped and very comfortable. The rooms have a separate dining area that customers can use as needed.

In addition to all the above, each room has medical electric beds with decubital mattresses very suitable for semi-mobile  or immobile persons.

All rooms are equipped with the latest fire protection equipment as well as SOS buttons for calling medical staff

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